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You can listen to Vantage Point Radio on our WVPE HD 2 Channel. Our programs air on Sundays at 12pm beginning on February 1, 2015. Stay tuned for even more dates of upcoming Shows! 

Vantage Point Broadcast Schedule
Air Date Program
02/01/2015 Figuring Out the Arab Israeli Conflict
02/08/2015 What did Snowden Leak? The NSA Surveillance Program
02/15/2015 The Economics of Healthcare
02/22/2015 What Does Religious Freedom Mean in the 21st Century?
03/01/2015 How to Raise a Healthy Baby
03/08/2015 FOMO and Other Consequences of Social Media
03/15/2015 Why Bother with Shakespeare?
03/22/2015 Cheating and the Culture of Academic Dishonesty
03/29/2015 Easter Rising, Dublin 1916
04/05/2015 What Makes us Human
04/12/2015 World War I: The War That Changed Everything
04/19/2015 Is Atheism Irrational?
04/26/2015 The Nature of American Imperialism 

Are We Ready for President Drumpf? 

10/04/15 Irish State of Mind: College Mental Health
11/1/15 Where Did the Universe Come From? 
12/12/15 The Iran Nuclear Agreement: Is It a Good Deal? 
12/23/15 Netflix & Chill: The Golden Age of Television? 
2/10/16 Are We Still Ready for President Drumpf? 
3/2/16 The Future of Foreign Policy
4//5/2016 Il Papa: The Church of Pope Francis
4/19/2016 The Supreme Court

For even more ways to stream our show, check out http://wvpe.org/ways-listen and now featuring the Vantage Point Radio Podcast on iTunes!